Is your organization's website inclusive?

We just debuted our new website! Since it's fresh on our minds, here are some ideas in case you want to consider your own external communications.

Your organization’s website reflects its people and its values. Is yours consistent with your commitment to inclusiveness? What would your non-legal friends say? Does your site seem to be merely giving lip service to diversity?

Traditional programs like diversity scholarships, sponsorships, and recruiting efforts are just the beginning. Organizations that are actively implementing inclusiveness initiatives can distinguish themselves in the details.

To create a more inclusive web presence, consider:

  • Is diversity and inclusiveness talked about on more than one page or in more than one section of your site?
  • Are there quotes or messages from leaders that indicate how important diversity and inclusion are to your company?
  • Are diverse individuals at your organization highlighted for their accomplishments, not merely as representative "tokens"?

Web users are becoming more and more savvy and can tell if your organization is actually inclusive or just saying so – and these users include future diverse hires and future clients. This is good news for those organizations that want to distinguish themselves by the efforts they are making.

Integrating inclusiveness into external communications is a crucial step in the development outlined and supported by our workplace manual. Our members can locate more suggestions and examples on pages 192-193.

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