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Beyond Diversity: Inclusiveness in the Legal Workplace

As a member of CLI, your organization has a year of unlimited access to our inclusiveness manual for the legal profession. Click here to find out about and access what's inside. Be sure to check out our training on effectively using the manual to meet your needs (see below).


Case Studies

Your organization is will advance diversity and inclusiveness efforts in its own way. However, igniting and sustaining that forward movement is easier when you are connected with other organizations that are also on this journey. These sample case studies of legal organizations implementing the manual will shorten your organization’s learning curve as you journey to make genuine and measurable progress in diversity by creating cultures of inclusion.


Training and Consultations

Services include trainings for D&I committees, presentations for attorneys and staff, and one-on-one consultations. We encourage new members to sign up for our session on using our manual effectively. Find out about other potential topics here. Sessions usually run 50 minutes each but length can be varied based on your needs. To schedule a session, please contact CLI at 303.313.6860 or email execdir@legalinclusiveness.org.