Inclusiveness Across the Generations

06/24/2019 2:56 PM | Alison Oyler-Mitsch (Administrator)

Let’s tackle a diversity topic that might not be top of mind for everyone: generational inclusiveness.  Have you thought about how you relate to older and younger employees? How do you deal with these differences?  How does the younger generation relate to a more former team member with different experience and perspective?

Generational Inclusiveness expert Tonia Morris will be presenting ”How to Manage and Develop A Generational Inclusive Workforce" with many ideas and solutions to this unique topic.

For the first time in history, we have five generations in the workforce. This has been a challenge for many organizations. Many organizations face challenges with recruiting, retaining, developing, and managing generation expectations. As the workforce evolves with multiple generations, a significant factor affects the workforce - Leadership! Leadership looks different. In the past, leadership development was having employees put in their time, and haphazardly develop these skills on their own. However, now, many organizations are developing leaders at every level, consciously, deliberately. How we lead and manage will also be different.  Many organizations are going to lead via technology instead of in person. We are more global now than ever before. According to SHRM, by 2020, the workforce will look different, meaning the employee/employer relationship will be different. We will have more contractors working in the workplace who also contribute to the GIG economy. The question is, are you READY for the new workforce?

Let Go of your Unconscious Bias

Whether or not you realize it, you could be inflicting your unconscious bias on your co-workers.  We take in so many messages all day long; there is undoubtedly an ageist message that you have picked up. You have to let go of these messages and treat each co-worker as a person, not an age. 


Once you have cleared your mind of stereotypes and misconceptions, you need to be able to relate to a person, not just an age group. More seasoned employees notoriously have more profound soft skills (like relationship building and being 'team players'), so it should be a no-brainer to relate to a younger employee, right? Adapt these skills that you likely use on clients to your team member, and you will see these results mirrored in them. Yes, a newer employee may have different ideas and methods, but together, this team could move further if they can adapt to each other. Be flexible, and you'll find success much more easily.

Embrace Technology

How we work has changed over time.  If you remember carbon paper and typewriters, then you must also not forget how you moved with technology, and it eventually made a positive impact. Don’t stop now.  It would be best if you continued to embrace technology as it continues to change the workplace.  As younger workers will likely have a better grasp on technology, you use this to educate others on your team, too.

Keep an Open Mind

If you can embrace technology, you can surely embrace keeping an open mind in other areas.  Younger generations have different ideas and perspectives, and this can make a real impact on the rest of the team. Don't be afraid of new ideas. Real, impactful change, and innovation comes when we are brave enough to step out of what is comfortable and be open to new ways of thinking. 

At the end of this session, participants will:

  • Understand the impact of a multi-generation workforce.
  • Learn the importance of understanding a multi-generation workforce.
  • Become aware of the work expectations of a multi-generation workforce.
  • Be able to lead a multi-generation workforce.
  • Obtain leadership skills needed to attract, retain, develop, and manage a multi-generation team.
  • Gain a different perspective and understanding of each generation, the commonality of each generation.
  • Appreciate how everyone has a responsibility to create a generationally inclusive workplace.
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