CLI Staff

Sara Scott

Chief Executive Officer

Preferred pronouns: she, her, hers

Nearly fifteen years ago Sara Scott started her career representing foster children in Washington D.C., at the Children’s Law Center (CLC). At CLC she supervised attorneys, managed dozens of cases, and watched as the foster care system disproportionately impacted black families while creating a further disenfranchised community.

After CLC, Sara honed her oral advocacy skills as the founding partner of Zamani & Scott LLP – a full-service family law firm where she most enjoyed her assisted reproductive technology practice and serving same sex families. In 2005, Sara and her family moved home to Denver to be near family and Sara’s terminally ill father. Sara’s entrepreneurial spirit led her to start a family law practice in Denver. She became active in the community as one of the founding board members of Lawyer’s for Equal Justice and was appointed as a Uniform Law Commission.

Sara has always had a strong passion for Diversity and Inclusivity. She was one of the first students to earn her bachelor’s degree in Comparative Studies in Race and Ethnicity from Stanford University, where she also won the Community Building Award. Sara has followed Diversity and Inclusivity throughout the duration of her career and has received her Certificate in Diversity and Inclusivity from Cornell University. Sara’s passion, enthusiasm and drive make her the perfect fit for the Center for Legal Inclusiveness.


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