The Center for Legal Inclusiveness provides many diversity, equity & inclusion educational opportunities for our members, supporters, human resource professionals and others interested in furthering diversity and inclusiveness in their workplaces and lives.  Below are our primary educational initiatives.

CLE Programming

Stand-alone educational programs around DE&I are available to the public throughout the year.  On-site customized programs and workshops are also available for both members and clients.  Contact us here if you are interested in customized programming.

For more details, Check out our latest CLE Online Programs, including:

  • Are There Winners & Losers in "Big Tent" Diversity (1.0 General, 0.5 Ethics CO CLE credit)
  • Diversity Fatigue Sucks! & All About Inclusion (2.0 General, 1.2 Ethics CO CLE credit)
  • Mastering the Art of Self-Promotion (1 General, 0.5 Ethics CO CLE credit)
  • Proactive Lawyer Self-Assessments (1.5 General, 0.70 Ethics CO CLE credit)
  • Bloom Where Planted & Transgender at Work (1.4 General, 0.6 Ethics CO CLE credit)
  • Managing and Developing a Generational Inclusive Workforce & Avoiding Tokenization (1.5 General, 1.0 Ethics CO CLE credit)
  • Foundations for Practice Project (1.2 General, 0.6 Ethics CO CLE credit)
  • Judicial Panel -- Diversity Shortcomings in the Judicial Branch (1.2 General, 0.6 Ethics CO CLE credit)
  • General Counsel Panel -- Looking Back on Diversity & Inclusion & Seeing Its Future (1.1 General, 0.5 Ethics CO CLE credit)

Note:  Colorado CLE Credits are currently pending.

Legal Inclusiveness & Diversity Summit

This full-day annual conference features national experts discussing cutting-edge diversity and inclusiveness topics. Come learn from our two plenary speakers, multiple concurrent presenters, and network at our evening reception. With workplace environments experiencing ever-changing dynamics around societal changes, political movements, and biases (ie racial, gender and generational), it is more important than ever to have the skills and tools necessary to drive strategies for advancing diversity and inclusion.

Visit to read about our 2019 Summit programming and online sessions coming soon!

Inclusiveness Institute

Attend this a one-day intensive biennial training program which focuses on one issue related to diversity and inclusion.

Dream Teams

The CLI Dream Team lawyers volunteer their time on projects to encourage historically underrepresented groups to consider a career in the legal profession, including the Colorado judiciary, thereby widening their access to the legal community and such profession.

Widening Access Dream Team

Volunteer lawyers spend approximately ten hours each year helping high school and college participants build lasting relationships with attorneys, judges, law students and other legal professionals. We host an annual Fall recruiting party for those interested in learning more.  If you are interested in joining this team, please contact us at

The Wiley Daniel & Adam Espinosa Dream Team Speak to 125+ High School Students at Vista PEAK Prep on March 10

Members of the Wiley Daniel & Adam Espinosa Dream Team returned to Vista PEAK Preparatory to introduce an assembly full of diverse high school students to the legal profession and a panel of diverse lawyers and judges.

During the program, the star-studded panel explored discrimination related to student hair styles and the recently enacted Crown Act. In addition to Judge Adam Espinosa, Judge Gary Jackson and Judge Isabel Pallares, the panel included Arash Jahanian, Sonia Anderson, Amber Gonzales, and Tomas Manriquez-Hernandez. Dream Team members Eric Bono of DU Law, Angela Boykins and Tim Schimberg were also present to answer questions and support the panelists. Well done, Dream Team!

Bench Dream Team

The Bench Dream Team is comprised of volunteer justices, judges, senior lawyers and professionals in the Colorado legal community.  Led by Justice Melissa Hart, Justice Will Hood, Justice Monica Marquez and Judge Don Toussaint, the Bench Dream Team strives to increase diversity on the Colorado Bench through a series of educational, community outreach and mentorship initiatives, including:

  • The “You Be the Judge” CLE program -- this half-day CLE program featuring justices, judges, nominating commission members and the Denver City Attorney seeks to educate attendees about the process of being a judge and how to navigate the application process. The program, offered in alternating odd years, was last presented in April, 2019.

  • The Coffee Brigade -- This group comprised of several dozen judges from throughout the State are willing to meet with individual legal practitioners over coffee or a phone call to discuss what it is like to be a judge or justice, and the process to become a judge/justice.  Lawyers interested in the Brigade should contact us at

  • Judicial Candidate Team -- For many years, Judges Terry Fox and Gary Jackson, along with a select group of senior lawyers, have been providing mentorship and practical guidance to diverse and female candidates applying for judgeships, including application and process advice, extensive mock interviews, and more.  If you are interested in applying for a judgeship, you can contact us at  
In 2017 and 2018, CLI coordinated with the Colorado Lawyer to publish a series of articles which explored what it means to be a judge or justice at various levels of the state court system.  This bi-monthly series featured insight from seven Colorado legal professionals, judges and justices.  Each article focused on the author's unique career path and personal journey to the bench.  To learn more or read the articles, go to

GC Round-table Luncheon 

This great networking opportunity allows young diverse attorneys to lunch and learn with local general counsel. Attorneys can broaden their professional networking circle while GCs meet up-and-coming diverse talent.


On Thursday, April 11th, 13 attorneys attended CLI-YLD’s General Counsel Luncheon held at Arnold & Porter, featuring Kathleen Waters and Samantha Caldwell of DaVita.

Waters and Caldwell worked at law firms before moving to HealthNet, Inc in Los Angeles, and then to DaVita. Both of them said relationships were key to getting where they were. Caldwell also said that a good mentor doesn’t have to be in the same subject matter area as the mentee.

The attorneys at the event all agreed that programs like this are important because of the networking and the opportunities they provide. Sean Camacho, an associate at Dentons, said “Another wonderful event from CLI. A special opportunity to learn from legal and business leaders in our community!”

If you are in-house counsel interesting in sharing your insight with young attorneys, please contact us at 303.313.6860 or

Champions Round-table Lunches

The Retention Committee unveiled a new series, Champions’ Roundtable. At the Roundtable, attorneys who champion diversity in their organization will discuss D/I issues, and create solutions and action plans for these issues.

Past Event

The Retention Committee unveiled a new series, Champions’ Roundtable. At the Roundtable, attorneys who champion diversity in their organization will discuss D/I issues, and create solutions and action plans for these issues.

The first in this series was “Beyond the Numbers,” a program facilitated by Naomi Baez Amos, assistant general counsel with Molson Coors Brewing Company and Maritza Dominguez Braswell, deputy attorney general with Colorado Attorney General's Office. Beyond the Numbers was held at Ballard Spahr’s Denver office on Wednesday, April 17th.

With the 17 attending in-house counsel and law firm attorneys, the two led discussions on belonging, empowerment and combatting biases. A practical takeaway shared was the “Diversity College.” One firm’s client volunteered to tutor young diverse attorneys on issues related to their industry, to increase their knowledge and interest (and ultimately their book of business). This innovative program will help address the concern of not having enough diverse attorneys who have the knowledge to work for clients in a particular industry.

Baez Amos and Dominguez Braswell will follow up with a second program, where they will discuss the ABA Model Diversity Survey and explore ways to provide additional data, narratives and context. If you are a Diversity Champion and would like to receive information about upcoming programming, please contact us at 303.313.6860 or

We look forward to having you join us as we work to make the legal profession more diverse and inclusive.

Practice Pitch Program

How strong is your pitch to potential clients?

If you’re not quite ready for “prime time” or simply want to polish your skills, participate in the “Pitch Program at the Summit” to practice your pitch with in-house counsel and receive their feedback. Look for this at the 2020 Summit.

Journey to JD

Journey to JD (J2JD) is an immersive program that offers diverse Colorado high school students an interactive experience with the legal profession.  This initiative is a one-week residential program for 20 high school rising juniors.  By gaining a basic understanding of the legal system, students become empowered to explore the possibilities of a law career.  Students are supported, mentored, and encouraged to attend college, law school, and pursue legal career opportunities in Colorado.


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