Trainings & Consultations

Trainings and other educational consultations are available to members and nonmembers. These consultations may include sessions for D&I committees, attorneys and staff, and one-on-one consultations.

Available Trainings

Effectively Using CLI’s Inclusiveness Manual - An overview of our manual, and how to use it to meet your needs.

Engaging Influencers in Your D&I Efforts – Learn what issues prevent influencers in your office from fully participating in D&I initiatives and the methods to help them become full partners in the initiatives.

Hidden Barriers and Biases – Discussion on barriers/biases that impact the workplace. Definition of explicit and implicit bias and how everyone is affect and how best to address the bias(es) once known.

Understanding Microinequities: The Path to Cultural Effectiveness – Understand implicit biases, the origin of microinequities as a concept, the impact on individuals, implications for the legal profession and actions that individuals can take to raise awareness of their own implicit biases—along with steps we can all take to engage in more inclusive behaviors.

Diversity & Inclusiveness 101 - Definition and comparison of the two terms and why both are important, particularly in the legal profession.

Diversity = Better Work Product – This presentation will be given by CLI board member, Lisa Mickley, a member of Hall & Evans.

Generational Diversity – Overview of the different generations in the workforce, discussion on how each is unique and how each generation can work optimally with each other.

Women in the Legal Profession – comparison of women and men in the legal profession, and why D/I initiatives are needed.

Removing Workplace Closet Doors: Creating a LGBTQ Inclusive Legal Workplace – Understand who is included in the LGBTQ community. Explanation of common terminology and the difference between “sex” and “gender.” Practical steps for creating an inclusive workplace. Ryann Peyton, Director, Colorado Attorney Mentoring Program, is presenting this program.

Communication Skills and Building Working Relationships NEWLearn the role communication has in building working relationships with firm clients, staff, and, in particular, other associates and partners. Topics will include identifying and working with different communication styles and preferred vehicles for communication, the importance of relationship hygiene, and the roles of bias and assumptions in relationships.

Facing the Third Rail of Diversity Metrics and Assessments – Learn to embrace the third rail, ie metrics, assessments, evaluations, and use those results to foster and inspire positive change in the workplace.

Be the Guide! Help Your Diverse Associates with Effective Mentoring – Learn how to counsel your diverse associates based on information from diverse attorneys and PD professionals and discuss best practices on ways firm leaders, practice group leaders and associate supervisors can effectively advise diverse attorneys.

Diversity = Better Work Product – Understand how the introduction of diversity affects group dynamics, communication and even how we think about our own ideas, ultimately leading to better results and better work product. This presentation will be given by CLI board member, Lisa Mickley, a member of Hall & Evans.


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