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Purchase All 12 Online Sessions from the CLI 2019 Summit

  • 12/31/2021
  • (UTC-06:00)
  • Online Video Series



List of the 12 CLE* Programs You Will Receive:

  • Diversity Fatigue Sucks - Learn innovative ways to turn burnout into dynamic diversity and inclusion programs. PLUS All About Inclusion - Panelists discuss the challenges and offer practical solutions to what is increasingly becoming an *inclusion* issue: How to get diverse entry-level talent to stick around and reach the highest levels of the profession. (Combined Programs = 2.0 General, 1.2 Ethics)
  • Winners & Losers in Big Tent Diversity - Explore the evolving and expanding definition of diversity and the implications for groups traditionally treated as diverse, diversity leaders and organizations. (1.0 General, 0.5 Ethics)
  • Developing A Generational Inclusive Workforce - Obtain leadership skills needed to attract, retain, develop and manage a multi generation. PLUS Avoiding Tokenization - Better understand the unique status of a law student and how such status, layered with an identity as someone from a diverse group and/or historically marginalized group, warrants different engagement than even that of a junior lawyer/associate/fellow etc. (Combined Programs = 1.5 General, 1.0 Ethics)
  • Mastering the Art of Self-Promotion - Self-advocacy is an important tool for career advancement, including accessing networks, getting stretch opportunities, and making an attorney's accomplishments (or potential) visible. (1 General, 0.5 Ethics)
  • Proactive Lawyer Self-Assessments - Learn about the Colorado Lawyer Self-Assessment Program which benefits consumers of legal services and gives lawyers who participate in such programs resources to expand their services to a more diverse pool of clients. (1.5 General, 0.70 Ethics)
  • Bloom Where Planted - Hear from a seasoned coach who shares dynamic, engaging and actionable leadership principles to empower, inspire and motivate the changes necessary to move from surviving to thriving.  PLUS:  Transgender at Work - Have a better understanding of the legal requirements within the state of Colorado for supporting transgender and gender diverse employees in the workplace. (Combined Programs = 1.4 General, 0.6 Ethics)
  • Judicial Panel - Diversity Shortcomings in the Judicial Branch - Understand how a lack of diverse judicial law clerks impacts the legal profession and the public’s confidence in the law.  Understand the barriers, including implicit bias, diverse candidates face when applying for judicial clerkships. (1.2 General, 0.6 Ethics)
  • Gen'l Counsel Panel - Looking Back on Diversity & Inclusion & Seeing its Future - Legal departments have worked to help improve diversity in the legal profession by leveraging their work with their outside counsel for twenty years. Are these initiatives making a difference? These panelists will discuss this and other related issues. (1.1 General, 0.5 Ethics)
  • Foundations for Practice Project - Learn about the Practice Project, a foundations-based Learning Outcomes Model with a set of foundations-based hiring tools, and obtain recommendations for how educators and employers can effectively use them for more objective and reliable assessment of student performance and hiring criteria. (1.2 General, 0.6 Ethics)
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