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Brandon Archuleta never thought he’d go to college. He started at community college at age 21 and found out that he liked philosophy. Later he realized that he could apply these studies in law school. Law school then showed him how he could apply his background and skills in business in the legal profession and gave him confidence as he graduated.

In his first year at law school, he participated in the Pledge to Diversity program. “I can’t give enough praise about [the program],” he said. “The insight and first hand knowledge was tremendously helpful as I progressed through law school.”

While in law school, Archuleta interned for a Justice on the Colorado Supreme Court and worked with an in-house legal department. He also attended CLI’s networking events.

“CLI put me in touch with a lot of great attorneys.” He said that CLI’s Board Chair, Meshach Rhoades, Partner at Armstrong Teasdale LLP, is his mentor. “It had a big influence and was really helpful with procuring opportunities that I might not have had otherwise.”

He said these connections led him to begin working as a legal resident at MoltonCoors in September. “The attorneys here are very good and very supportive.” He wants to work in commercial litigation and says that his current job at MoltonCoors has showed him the client perspective.

Archuleta received our Bar Exam Scholarship and took the bar exam in July. “This scholarship helped me by not having to worry about costs so much, so I could focus on studying,” he said. “There are a group of people in law school who are constantly struggling with the [the financial aspects of law school]. I didn’t have a lot of resources. This scholarship was a huge weight off my shoulders.”