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Inclusiveness@Work Nominee For Business/Corporate: Davita

As one of the largest kidney care companies in the United States, it should not be surprising that DaVita values diversity, especially when your clients/patients are diverse. But what is pleasantly surprising are DaVita’s efforts to create a more diverse and inclusive workplace. DaVita believes that having a diverse and inclusive workforce helps it to deliver on its mission of being the provider, partner and employer of choice in the communities that it serves.

DaVita strives to create an environment for its patients and teammates that embraces gender and racial equality, as well as the full spectrum of cultural backgrounds and beliefs. One way this is accomplished is through DaVita University, a leadership-development program which helps Davita teammates to become leaders within the organization, at home and in their communities. This continuing education and leadership program offers a variety of classes related to team building, clinical, management and leadership. Originally intended solely for DaVita teammates’ benefit, community members are able to benefit from this program, including the Boys and Girls Club of Metro Denver. DaVita also provides college scholarships to teammates’ children and grandchildren, but there are also awards to junior high and high school students.

But DaVita also recognizes that more needs to be done, and in 2015, CEO Kent Thiry vowed to make its board of directors “majority diverse” within 24 months. According to a Denver Post 10/14/15 article, Mr. Thiry said “Having a more diverse board actually leads to a more diverse set of ideas, a more diverse set of debates and, I think, more thoughtful outcomes.” That same article reports that “DaVita’s majority diverse board goals align with other efforts in place to increase diversity among the kidney care giant’s ranks. When recruiting from colleges and universities, DaVita sends interview teams that are ‘highly diverse.’ The company also requires executive recruiters to search for diverse candidates before presenting male Caucasian prospects, Thiry said.”

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