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2017 Inclusiveness@Work Nominee For Business/Corporate: Kaiser

Kaiser Permanente (KP) is an integrated managed care consortium, headquartered in California and has a regional office in Denver. KP values the rich diversity of its organization and always aspires to demonstrate respect for the uniqueness of each individual. KP encourages an open, inclusive environment that supports and empowers its employees.

KP’s commitment to diversity can be seen many ways, including its National Diversity Council, a National Diversity Department, regional and local diversity councils and departments, and regional and local multicultural staff associations. This is due in part because KP serves one of the most culturally diverse communities in the world. KP’s goal is to provide culturally and linguistically appropriate care across the spectrum of its diverse membership.

But Kaiser is an engaged Colorado member as well. KP-CO’s Diversity Development Department has developed a comprehensive Strategic Plan for Diversity. KP also provides the Latino Center of Excellence in Culturally Competent Care, which helps to reduce health disparities among the Latino population by sharing best practices. To support its diversity and cultural competence efforts, KP-CO offers training and educational opportunities to its employees and physicians including: “Let’s Talk Diversity” and “Cultural Competence in the Clinical Setting”. KP-CO gathers for Regional Diversity Forums; and sponsors the National Diversity Conference. To address the lack of people of color in medical professions, KP-CO supports a “pipeline” of talented interns from INROADS / Colorado and Aruppe Jesuit High School. KP-CO was honored with the R.J. Erickson Diversity Achievement Award for implemented a Protégé of Color Executive Mentoring Program. The program was the region’s innovative approach to address the shortage of people of color in management positions and positions of influence. The program is now in the midst of the second round of Protégés of Color, with an expanded number of participants. This is just a sampling of the many diversity initiatives underway in the region, and are a source of considerable organizational pride as KP-CO continually seeks ways to create a more inclusive workplace and clinical environments for its work force and members. These efforts will extend Kaiser Permanente’s leadership in diversity and Cultural Competence throughout the health care industry and positively differentiate Kaiser Permanente in the market place.

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