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Inclusiveness@Work Nominee For Firm/Legal Department: LawBank

LawBank helps with diversity and inclusion in the legal profession using a different approach. For those attorneys, especially those underrepresented in the profession, who don’t practice in large/mid-sized firms, the ability to set up one’s own shingle is a viable option – if one can afford it.

Co-founders Jay Kamlet and Jordan Deifik felt there was a need for an office space where attorneys could be in a community setting and yet work independently and affordably. So in 2013, they opened LawBank and soon thereafter opened a second branch.

According to an interview with Monica Mendoza in the Denver Business Journal, (Sept 2016), LawBank provides attorneys with “the dynamism of a law firm — all the camaraderie, community and collaboration and co-counsel and general discussions about practice management . . . and bring in this element of independence.”

Studies show that diverse attorneys may face additional barriers in their career growth, including the lack of mentors/sponsors and limited opportunities for building a book of business. But this particular environment encourages inclusiveness, facilitates mentoring relationships and creates referral bases with attorneys sharing the same space.

Making the legal profession more diverse and inclusive will not happen overnight, but with the efforts of LawBank and cofounders Kamlet and Deifik, it will happen that much sooner.

Please join us at the Ball for All gala on Saturday, February 18th to learn the recipients of the Inclusiveness@Work awards