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2017 Inclusiveness@Work Nominee For Non-Profit: Children’s Hospital

Children’s Hospital Colorado (CHCO) continues to make strides in nurturing an inclusive workplace and advancing diversity in its workforce. Children’s has accomplished programmatic and process improvements in the praxis of embracing differences and operationalizing the thought leadership of impassioned influencers.

Progressing from “discovery phase” last year to “design phase” this year, an interdisciplinary, interdepartmental workgroup of CHCO team members in the “Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Sprocket” spun out a proposal for sponsorship, funding, performance metrics, and full-time positions for the first-ever Office of DE&I. These recommendations were recently approved by the Senior Leadership Council.

As an employer, CHCO promotes a culture of well-being that supports employees to thrive and be productive in their work, home, community. All of this impacts social determinants of their children’s health. CHCO is closing identified gaps, effecting updates, and considered additional recommendations for the betterment of its employees’ children. CHCO’s Child Health Advocacy Institute recommended improvements to its workforce policies in order to be more family-friendly and align closer to external child health work that is championed with families in the community. Relatedly, the wellness benefits plans offered to CHCO employees have recently been up-designed with its progressive view of care for self and dependents—certainly eligibility for same-gender partners, but also including transgender healthcare needs. HR has been a vanguard in studying, solution-designing, and implementing improvements in the workforce—and Dr Nita Mosby Tyler, SVP and Chief Human Resources & Inclusion Officer, has led this systems’ work.

But CHCO envisions a future where these accomplishments are actually part of a larger strategy of ending pediatric health inequity. Disparities exist in health outcomes among populations of Patients, and where these are systematic, avoidable and unjust, inequities are present. Fostering and leveraging an inclusive workforce—propelled by and entrusted with a moral obligation and sacred trust—to partner with Patients’ families, communities and community organizations, and diverse suppliers is absolutely essential to reimagine child health where health equity is actually realized.

Please join us at the Ball for All gala on Saturday, February 18th to learn the recipients of the Inclusiveness@Work awards. You may purchase your tickets online.