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Inclusiveness@Work Non-Profit/Government Agency Nominee: KidsGiving365

Black, White, Hispanic, Asian, Native American–no matter the race, culture or religion, KidsGiving365 helps those who need it – clothes, shoes, and back-to-school supplies. KidsGiving365 serves the disadvantaged, people who are struggling or who have fallen on hard times. Children in the program learn that others do care about them, they are not alone, and gain a renewed sense of hope.

But Kidsgiving365 is also about creating the next generation of givers. KidsGiving365 creates opportunities for people, especially children, to volunteer and are able to meet those they’re helping. That makes a lasting impact on the giver because they can see their actions matter and that they can make a difference. In fact, studies show kids who perform community service learn leadership skills, do better in school, and are less likely to try drugs or get pregnant.

When KidsGiving365 began in 2010, about 20 families served 75 residents in the Sun Valley neighborhood, where almost one-half of the residents are children and the average household income is $5,164 a year. In 2016, KidsGiving365 connected 500 families across the state, which served more than 2,600 children in the Denver Housing Authority.

KidsGiving365 was very active in 2017. 52 children were provided with back-to-school supplies, backpacks and helmets, while a 9-year-old girl collected and handed out 200 pairs of new shoes to residents. KidsGiving365 hosted Santa’s Elves, and provided gifts to children.

Additionally, KidsGiving365 held a fundraiser to pay off $13,000 of school lunch debt for 3,264 students in Denver Public Schools, who were only fed graham crackers and milk for lunch. Donations ranged from $5 from children, up to hundreds of dollars from parents. KidsGiving365 was pleased to learn that afterwards DPS changed their policy. Parents will no longer accrue any debt for their kids, and all students will receive the same, hot lunch and not be shamed for what they eat.

KidsGiving365’s dream is to have events in every community, from Pueblo to Fort Collins and, one day, to have kids giving year-round across the country.

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