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Inclusiveness@Work Non-Profit/Government Agency Nominee: The Anschutz Inclusivity Alliance (AIA)

The University of Colorado’s Anschutz Inclusivity Alliance (AIA) was originally formed in 2014 by a group of Student Affairs Deans from the Colorado School of Public Health, College of Nursing, Graduate School, and the Skaggs School of Pharmacy to provide a professional development series for student service professionals in order to build a campus workforce that operates with cultural proficiency and a culture that supports inclusivity.

Since its inception, the AIA has grown into a campus-wide initiative led by staff and faculty that supports and promotes cultural humility on the Anschutz Campus by embracing differences and creating richness for all. The Alliance’s goal is to foster an inclusive campus environment that not only makes current students, faculty and staff feel welcome and supported, but also to bolster the recruitment of a talented, diverse, and inclusive university community.

AIA has been very busy since its inception, including a series of monthly meetings in 2016-17, facilitated by Dr. Brenda J. Allen, using her book, Difference Matters: Communicating Social Identity. This series increased awareness about issues of difference and created goals for recognizing and creating a safe and supportive space to acknowledge and value difference.

In the 2017-2018, AIA initiated its Power and Empowerment Series, which had its first event in September entitled “It’s Nothing Personal: An Interactive Event to Explore How Bias and Power Matter to Our Campus,” using theater and facilitation to encourage discourse. Future programs include “Using our Privilege for Good,” and a screening of “Clinicade Migrantes” a documentary about a clinic that provides healthcare to undocumented immigrants.

AIA will continue its work by bringing innovative inclusion activities that impact the Anschutz community in positive and meaningful ways. It strives to be a unique and innovative example of how university campuses can actively foster, support, and train students, staff and faculty on the importance of creating an inclusive campus community and actively examine both implicit and explicit bias that can hinder the goal of creating a diverse and thriving campus community.

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