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Our programs are innovative because of our unique approach.


We provide a range of networking opportunities for legal professionals, allowing them to build the relationships that are necessary to further their careers:


Trainings for diversity committees and staff teams as well as one-on-one consultations are available to members and nonmembers. Learn more about our Trainings. We offer professional development programs for diverse legal professionals so they can build the skills they need to advance in the workplace:


Sustaining organizational diversity and inclusiveness efforts is easier when you are connected with other organizations that are also on this journey, so we also connect members to support one another:


Our approach:


  • Holistic. We consider the challenges of diversity and inclusion in the legal profession across the career spectrum, from pipeline to recruiting to retention and advancement.
  • Collaborative. We’ve been at the center of a network of organizations advancing diversity in the profession for over a decade. We intentionally collaborate with these organizations to ensure that the best solutions are available, accessible, effective, and celebrated.
  • Facilitative. We support not only diverse attorneys but their organizations’ leaders with tackling the nuances of creating inclusive workplaces. Whereas some of our partner organizations are making strides in the corporate sector, many of our programs also address firms and the distinct dynamics they face.