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The Impact and Fear of Bias

Past Summit Speaker and CLI Supporter Rosalie Chamberlain recently taped this TEDx video:

Bias is making a snap judgement about someone based on what you see or what you hear. Join Rosalie on a journey to look at the impact of biases. If we do not take individual responsibility to look at the beliefs we hold and the impacts that they have we run the risk of contributing to the sexism the racism the xenophobia the homophobia the able-ism that exists in our world today. Rosalie Chamberlain is a nationally recognized diversity consultant and leadership coach. She has served as speaker, facilitator, consultant and coach in the legal, corporate, non-profit, government and private industries. She is a writer and frequent commentator on diversity and inclusion and leadership, having authored Conscious Leadership in the Workplace (2016), and having been quoted in numerous business publications.